LifeBox was founded in 2005 as a way of modernising an existing Rotary Club project called Emergency Box Trust that had been in operation for over 30 years. The host club of Denton & Audenshaw in Manchester UK felt that the scheme at that time was not meeting the demands of disaster aid and with the ideal of ‘’helping families in the aftermath of disaster’’ developed the LifeBox idea which involved a name change and the development of a box which enables a family of 4 to start again after disaster.

The LifeBox team is run by the Denton & Audenshaw Rotary Club and with the help of volunteers and other Rotary clubs, we collect donations, give talks on the work of Disaster Aid International and fill LifeBoxes in our warehouse in Rochdale. The LifeBoxes are held in the warehouse until a need is identified and the boxes are then despatched to the disaster area. In the last few years we have despatched LifeBoxes to China, Pakistan, Grenada, Georgia, Haiti and South Sudan.

Our links to Disaster Aid International signal new horizons for us and we are proud to be partners with Disaster Aid Australia and Disaster Aid USA in the work of international disaster aid as Disaster Aid UK & Ireland.