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What is Smart Aid?

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The heart of smartaid is involving local partners and the community to ensure that the aid provided:

  • Meets their requirements.
  • Involves them in working with us as 'Partners'.
  • Gives them 'Ownership' of the outcome.

The community becomes 'A Resource Not Victims'

Our smartaid focus areas are:

Clean Water for every Child

In conjunction with the Skyjuice foundation we provide a Skyhydrant water filter.

Installation and ongoing operation of the filter relies on our local partners and the community, supported by training and advice from Disaster Aid.


Helping the local communities to become more resilient by facilitating training of:

  • Government and Non Government Bodies
  • Community Groups
  • Rotary Clubs

High Profile Disaster Response

We liaise with well connected local Rotarians and other local organisations to find out what is needed by those affected.

Then using our resources and contacts we aim to meet as much of the needs using local sources.

This approach:

  • Maximises our financial impact by minimising costs of waste, storage and shipping of materials.
  • Speeds the rate that resources can be delivered.
  • Helps the local economy to recover.

Patron - Rhett Butler AM

rhett Skyhydrant 1The Board of Disaster Aid Australia is pleased to announce that A/Prof Rhett Butler AM has accepted an invitation to become a Patron. He will join Australian cricketing great Max Walker AM who has been a Patron for some years.

The SkyJuice™ Foundation was founded by Rhett Butler in 2005 and is a not-for-profit charity that provides sustainable water solutions for humanitarian and disaster relief.

We have worked closely with the Foundation for some years and are delighted that Rhett has agreed to join us as a Patron.

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Annual Reports

Disaster Aid Australia 2015 Annual Report.

 Click here to download a copy (Adobe Acrobat PDF format 3M)


Disaster Aid Australia 2014 Annual Report.

Click here to download a copy (Adobe Acrobat PDF format 1M)

Disaster Aid Australia 2011 Annual Report.

Click here to download a copy (Adobe Acrobat PDF format 3M)


Disaster Aid Australia 2010 Annual Report.

Click here to download a copy (Adobe Acrobat PDF format 3M)


Disaster Aid International 2015-2016 Annual Report.

Click here to download a copy (Adobe Acrobat PDF format 5.6M)


DAI Annual Report 2016



PDG Ray Stewart

A charter member of the Rotary eClub of Greater Melbourne, an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Endeavour Hills, and a multi-level Paul Harris Fellow, Ray served Rotary International as District Governor (9820) in 2005-2006.

With a background in accounting, commercial property development and public relations, Ray has been a freelance writer for business for some years.

Ray's administrative skills and experience in Rotarian humanitarian programs together with his extensive Rotary knowledge have been formally recognised by the Board with his appointment as Consultant.