Welcome Disaster Aid New Zealand

Joining the Disaster Aid International team soon will be our friends across the Tasman. The Rotary Club of Wellington (New Zealand's first Rotary Club) recently resolved to set up Disaster Aid New Zealand and become another associate. We had the pleasure of meeting our Wellington friends at the Rotary (Zone) Institute there last December and, following discussions about forming Disaster Aid as a Rotary Club Project in that country, we were delighted to learn of their decision. Nau maiki runga (welcome aboard).


Tropical Cylone Pam - Vanuatu Devastated


Disaster Aid USA and its International Partners including Disaster Aid Australia, are assessing and preparing to deploy due to what has been described as the worst storm, with winds of up to 300km/h, to hit the Pacific has resulted in at least 3,300 people being displaced and over 19,000 households in need of essential aid. The shortage of drinking water has been defined as critical. Over 90% of the buildings have been destroyed. As Vanuatu President Baldwin Lonsdale said “”After all the development we have done for the last couple of years and this big cyclone came and just destroyed all the infrastructure the government has built. Completely destroyed.”

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Parklea donates $25,000 to Disaster Aid

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Andrew is a former member of the Rotary Clubs of Dandenong and later a charter member of Dandenong Central.  Although retired from Rotary he is well known for his generous support of  selective charities such as Windemere, Cabrini Hospital and the AFL Club Richmond’s work with youth as well as some Rotary projects.  He was delighted that DAA through DAI could repair the normal home damaged in the recent  Philippines typhoons for an average cost of A$250 per property essentially meaning that his donation could repair 100 homes for families that desperately needed our help.