We hear from the United Nations about our work in Sudan

DAA-News-Update-UN-Sudan-0001We have delivered aid into Sudan over recent years to provide some assistance during the longstanding and bloody conflict between North and South Sudan that has affected countless people. Our Family Survival Packs, with our own tents were prominent in those deliveries.
This month, we were pleasantly surprised, and extremely pleased to receive an email and photographs from an aid worker with the United Nations (Peacekeeping Operations). For security reasons that person has asked that we do not use their name. The email read:
“This is just a random email - I saw your tents in the disputed border zone between Sudan and South Sudan while doing an inter-agency assessment and decided to take a few snapshots for you to see that they are being used. Saw them in a village called Miyadol where people who were displaced during the conflict are coming back.”
Kind regards – (name withheld)
This is testament to the quality of our tents which were designed by Larry Agee (Disaster Aid USA). He is an experienced leader of many Disaster Aid Response Teams (DARTs).
Especially at this time of year, it is heartening to us all at Disaster Aid International to receive this “random” message from an aid worker with the UNITED NATIONS in Sudan who went to the trouble of locating us and letting us know that our humanitarian aid, delivered some years ago, is being used by people in desperate need.


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